Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mary Jansen "Tuckered Out" 6x9"

It took me a whole week to complete this little drawing! I just don't know how pencil and colored pencil artists have the patience to go through this process over and over again! Thankfully, for me this was just an exercise to get back to drawing for a spell. Drawing is SO important in the painting process. It's easy to forget that sometimes when all one wants to do is play with those pretty colors!

This is a rendering from a photo of my sons when they were little. Of course, my sons now think this picture is creepy. I told them I didn't care. It reminds me of those wild times when those two had unlitmited energy and wrestled each other until they dropped. Ah...the good old days! Today they are two outstanding young men but they still have been known to take a respite from maturity and wrestle each other to the ground on occassion!