Thursday, April 16, 2009

I meant to get this done before Easter...oh well. Happy belated Easter everyone! May spring warm your hearts and souls!


Doris Joa said...

Oh Mary what a stunning piece.
Love Love Love it.
What size is it?
Absolutely great colours on the Daylily and i like the blue background.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

tor works aer onlt exceded by ur nature

Jean said...

I'm with Doris... WOW this is totally stunning Mary!

Hope you had a lovely easter and that Spring has well and truly sprung over in your part of the world. The evenings here are now pleasantly cool... and I'm loving every moment of it. It's been a long hot summer! Never satisfied are we? LOL

Mary Jansen said...

Thank you Doris. The size is 9 x5"...not too small but not too big either. I'm not really fond of yellows...or of lillies either for that matter! Ha! was a good exercise to really try to understand the dimensions of yellow.

Lloyd, you always have such nice things to say! I hope you are feeling better these days! Hopefully the spring warmth will lift your spirits!

Jean! You stopped by to say hello! Thanks! And yes, spring has just begun to spring "down" here. As a matter of fact, I was out playing in the garden the entire day today. There are so many old perenial "friends" just now peeking through the soil. I'm afraid my poor brain has atrophied over the winter and I cannot remember all their names...but they will come back to me in time. Tomorrow I will check out an art community uptown. Fun fun!!
Enjoy your fall! (my favorite season)

Vera Dennen said...

Hi Mary, glad to find your blog. Did not find a web page, do you still have one?

Anonymous said...

Mary I will be having a show in Chicago June 23 at the student center of Illinois Institute of Technology. About 25 paintings. Heading for Paris and the south of France on may 24. The show will be up for about a week. roger

Mary Jansen said...

Hi Vera!
So glad you could find me! My website is in progress. I first have to inventory my work in catalogues, (getting there!). I will be sure to let you know when it is done, (heck, I should have a party to celebrate!)

Hi Roger!
You just never sit still, do you?! Is your show on birds? I'll have to go and take a look-see! Take lots of photos on your dreamy trip!

Anonymous said...

my companion may be taking photos. I will be sketching. Fight technology! lol The show will be a mix Chicago scenes, landscapes trees etcetera etcetera etcetera.

Mary Jansen said...

Ah Roger...of course! How could I be so base?! The man with the sketchbook! You OWN that image!
Chicago is a great city to capture on canvas, isn't it? There is always so much to see and sketch. It's a visual feast!