Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I think I managed to render the nasturtiums just in time. Last week I spotted a hummingbird making good use of their nectar before her long flight south. It was such a beautiful sight! Every time she poked her beak into the flower it looked as though she were wearing a colorful pointed hat. I will miss those guys and the flowers that keep them happy. Time to hunker down for winter studio projects, (and there are MANY!)


Tracy Hall said...

Only just found your blog, Mary! I love your flower series and the frog, all just exquisite. Shall be back now I know where you are :)

Mary Jansen said...

Thanks for dropping in Tracy! I know just how busy you are and all! I can't begin to tell you how inspiring your video was. I need to get my brushes wet now and see what I can do with all this bottled up "Tracy-inspired" creativity!