Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's a little early yet...but HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I just love this time of year!!!


Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...


Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

my mood yesterday was silly I think my mood must have ennoid many this day. somtimes after painting i revert to beung a child/ I looked at my painting that i did today. it dipicted the child lost in me try to get out to enoy the world tomorrow i am going to see another artist work. there i must return to the adult and say very little!

Mary Jansen said...

Oh Lloyd,
It's so hard to contain that child within! But it's that child that keeps us artists from letting the outer world get stale. That child is the means to seeing things in a different and fresh light. can be naughty too...but I'd rather have a naughty child than none at all! Keep your little boy alive and cantankerous Lloyd!