Monday, October 11, 2010

It has been a while since I've posted. This is the season to regenerate and sketch. It's so beautiful outside with all the fall colors I have a difficult time planting myself inside the studio. However...I did manage to complete one last miniature for the season. This guy was taken from a reference photo I had captured years ago. I love the way the figure is reclining and the way the face is seriously pondering. He is off to Florida now and hopefully will be a part of the upcoming MASF show. In the meanwhile...time to stretch out those eye muscles and paint something large again!


Mary Jansen said...

Oops! As always...I forgot to mention the size. This one is 3 x 3" on hot press watercolor board.

Janet Belich said...

Super cool,Mary ! I admire the creativity, to take an image from long ago & turn it into such a piece. I'm envious. Miss you. ;/

Mary Jansen said...

Thanks Janet! This one was so fun to do!
I cant' wait unitl next June when I finally get to meet you! I get so excited just thinking about our gathering! A week is just not long enough!!!