Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well here we go again...yet another illustration done with Adobe Illustrator. This one I had sketched out on paper months ago and didn't get around to until recently, (had difficulty figuring out the numerous layers and lines...ugh! What a mess!) But I felt compelled to finish it for a dear watercolor artist, Paul Jackson has begun a fundraiser campaign to raise money for the gulf oil spill clean up. This image I will donate to the cause. It will be appear on Zazzle.com where customers can preview this along with many other wonderful designs and then purchase a t-shirt or whatever with the image on it. All the profit goes to the clean up effort. I'll get specific link soon and post it.
Now...think I should get back to watercolors for once?!


Jean Burman said...

Yay Mary! What a great image! And such a good cause too. Hope you are all well and happy over on your side of the planet? All good here too :-)

Mary Jansen said...

Thanks Jean! And right back at ya! I just saw the cartoon you illustrated for the cause. Simply WONDERFUL! You are a kindred spirit for sure...too bad we live on opposite sides of the planet!